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A move for the Klouths
At the end of this month, Steven & Caitlin Klouth will move to Bathurst to continue their training at All Saints Cathedral.
4 Nov 2021
Announcement: Changes in the WA Regional Office
After spending 17 of the past 21 years with BCA, Rob Healy has announced he will conclude his service with us at the end of 2021. This is sad news for the Society and for the WA region in particular.
4 Nov 2021
Announcement: Changes in the NSW/ACT Regional Office
Today I’m writing to you with an announcement which is particularly sad news for the NSW/ACT Region of BCA but also the wider BCA Family. NSW/ACT Regional Officer Ted Brush, who has been in the role since January 2018, has announced he will leave us in early 2022 to take up a part-time role at the Centre for Ministry Development at Moore College.
23 Sep 2021
Announcement: Changes in Bendigo
From 2022 Jacob & Sarah Kelly will be part of a new ministry team for the parishes of Kyabram and Tongala/Stanhope in the Diocese of Bendigo.
7 Sep 2021
New ministry family for Norfolk Island
Today I’m delighted to announce that Laurie & Rebecca Carleton, together with their children Olivia, Claudia and Harry, will commence ministry at the Church of England on Norfolk Island next year.
7 Sep 2021
Post & Rails Spring 2021
Messages of congratulations, welcomes and farewells from across the BCA family...
31 Aug 2021
Norfolk Island – a great place to enjoy creation
We were happily serving at St Matt’s Manly when we read an article about Norfolk Island. We had a growing conviction that our next location should be somewhere less reached and resourced. It was mid-2014 and we thought 2018 sounded like a good time to make a move which gave us time to grow towards what seemed like such a big change.
30 Aug 2021
An Indigenous view of reconciliation
We have just celebrated two important events in the life of our country: that of Reconciliation and NAIDOC week.
Most people I know celebrate because it is the thing to do. Many are influenced by the wider community, and while there is nothing wrong with celebrating reconciliation, the church’s focus should be on promoting a biblical understanding of reconciliation.
29 Aug 2021
The Real Australian Spring 2021 Editorial
“YES! That is exactly what I think too.” It doesn’t always happen, but sometimes I find myself almost cheering as I progress from one paragraph to the next when reading an article.
28 Aug 2021
An exciting time of growth
Trent & Alice McGrath, together with their children Henry, Siena and Maisie have been serving the people of Jindabyne for more than a year and a half. It has been an exciting time of growth since they planted a new church in the alpine village.
27 Aug 2021
Serving the Lord on Kangaroo Island
It was just over nine years ago that God opened the door and put the need for consistent, longer-term ministry on Kangaroo Island on our hearts and we’ve been here ever since. It has been such a privilege to serve God here. We love it when we can spend time enjoying the beauty of creation and are really thankful for the people we’ve become close to and share our lives with.
26 Aug 2021
Announcement: Changes on Kangaroo Island
After nine years on Kangaroo Island, Brad, Joh, Jemima, Gabriella & Evangeline Henley are concluding their service with BCA. Brad has accepted the role of Associate Minister at the Anglican Church of Noosa on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.  
2 Aug 2021

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