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The Real Australian Autumn 2024 Editorial
Did you know that Easter falls at the end of March this year? I wonder how many times we have already heard someone say, or even said it ourselves, ‘Easter is early this year’.
29 Feb 2024
The Real Australian Summer 2023 editorial
The other day I was reading an old RA magazine from 1983 which I found in the online archive on our website. (Did you know that all of the RA’s from the last 100+ years are there?)
1 Dec 2023
The Real Australian Spring 2023 Editorial
As I write these few words, I find myself looking out of my office window from time to time, finally seeing some life. What I mean is, the trees outside my window, which have been bare all winter, are finally starting to show some life. That said, we all know that the trees were never really dead. They just don’t look lifelike with bare branches and no green leaves. Yet as spring approaches it all changes, doesn’t it?
31 Aug 2023
The Real Australian Winter 2023 Editorial
You may have heard a lot about Artificial Intelligence (AI) of late. It’s the shiny new toy that many are playing with. From chatbots to maybe one day self-driving cars, AI is already impacting our lives in countless ways...
1 Jun 2023
The Real Australian Autumn 2023 Editorial
More than likely when you read this article, we will be fast approaching Easter once again. A time of great celebration and yet a time I often find myself saying “I have no words!” (You probably never thought you would hear a preacher say that!)
1 Mar 2023
The Real Australian Summer 2022 Editorial
When the BCA Field Staff Conference was held in Queensland recently it was exactly four years and three days since the last one (1450 days if you want a larger number).
1 Dec 2022
The Real Australian Spring 2022 Editorial
Like clockwork on the first day of every month I get a text message from a dear brother in Christ. He has been praying for me and my family for a number of years.
1 Sep 2022
The Real Australian Winter 2022 Editorial
On a flight recently from Perth to Darwin I had a window seat. This is a unique situation because I normally prefer the aisle, and it afforded me the opportunity to again be struck by the vastness of this country.
1 Jun 2022
The Real Australian Autumn 2022 Editorial
As I write this editorial, I am surrounded by packing boxes here in the BCA National Office. What is going on I hear you ask? Are we leaving? Are we shutting up shop? May it never be!
28 Feb 2022
The Real Australian Summer 2021 Editorial
A couple of quick trivia questions to start:
Of the 23 Anglican Dioceses in Australia, how many of them have BCA Field Staff serving there?
And, in what state is the Diocese of the Murray?
30 Nov 2021
The Real Australian Spring 2021 Editorial
“YES! That is exactly what I think too.” It doesn’t always happen, but sometimes I find myself almost cheering as I progress from one paragraph to the next when reading an article.
28 Aug 2021
The Real Australian Winter 2021 Editorial
It is just 350 metres of graded dirt, intersecting with two other streets and ending up at ‘Big John’s’. A quick search of real estate websites will show that only four houses have this ‘outback boulevard’ as part of their postal address; and apparently Lot 354, a two-bedroom family home, is still available. I refer to BCA Road.
31 May 2021

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