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BCA 4 Kids: What is your Eggsonality?
Want to know your Easter egg personality? Always been curious where you would come out in a specifically designed quiz to reveal your approach to the humble egg? Well, we have the quiz for you!
21 Mar 2024
BCA 4 Kids: The most wonderful time of the year
Deck the Halls, Ring the Bells, Come All Ye Faithful and Make the Night Silent because Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year!
8 Dec 2023
BCA 4 Kids: My visit to a dairy farm
In May I got to visit the beautiful people of Kyabram, Victoria. I had never been to this part of Australia before, and I absolutely loved it. I drove through many farms before I got to the church; acres of grass fields, long winding driveways and so many cows. But it was when I saw the cattle grates that I remembered growing up in the country as a little girl.
13 Oct 2023
BCA 4 Kids: Campfire fun
That cold breezy weather is (hopefully) upon us. I wrote this article in April when summer was still struggling to exit and make way for autumn. Here’s to believing that now it is winter, we are shivering in our boots as the temperature has dropped and we can make the best of all this season has to offer.
14 Jul 2023
BCA 4 Kids: Focusing on the message of Easter
As I wrap up the  Christmas tree and all the decorations, I turn my eyes to Easter and wonder what are the rituals and traditions in this space to help us concentrate on the meaning and wonder of salvation weekend?
1 Mar 2023

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