Mission Profile

Emily Quinn

Serving with BCA since January 2023

Emily is the Coordinator of the Foundation Studies Department at Nungalinya, a combined churches training college for Indigenous adults. She oversees the delivery of three ‘foundation’ courses: a pre-Certificate I, a Certificate I and a Certificate II course in English as an Additional Language or Dialect. Each course is delivered over a three-year period, in four-week intensives, with a focus on literacy, numeracy and the Scriptures.

Nungalinya College is a combined churches training college for Indigenous Australians. The College trains men and women for leadership roles in churches and communities by exploring the Bible and Christian faith contextually. Students are trained to understand and participate healthily in community life while strengthening and celebrating Indigenous identity. Approximately 95 per cent of the student intake is from remote communities across the NT, WA, Qld, and down into SA.

Emily's Points for November 2023
Pray for staff as they prepare for and go on ‘community visits’, to see students on country. Pray for a fruitful time of both enrolling students for 2024, but also of building relationships with the local Indigenous churches and fellowships.