Use your degree to live, work, & serve Jesus in the bush

There’s a huge need for faithful, trained, and godly young people to come and be a part of what God is doing in rural, regional and remote Australia. Could you come?

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If you’re moving to the bush after finishing UNI, BCA ONTRACK is for you! It’s a free program run by Bush Church Aid to help new graduates navigate the bumps in the road as they transition to life, work, and serving Jesus in the bush.

Bush Church Aid (BCA) has been going the distance in supporting Christians and Gospel ministry in rural, regional & remote Australia for over 100 years. The Bush is a great place to live, work, & serve Jesus, but getting on and staying on track is not always easy.

Transitioning from a Christian community on campus to work and life in the bush can bring opportunities and challenges. The flavour of your new church, the pace of general life, and the nature of rural work is often very different to what you’ve experienced in the city. Sometimes the transition is more challenging than it needs to be.

Through ONTRACK graduates are trained, supported & encouraged to live for Jesus where God has placed them in the country for the long-term.

If you’re a young Christian worker who has recently or is about to move to rural Australia, BCA ONTRACK is for you! We want to help you go the distance for Jesus in the bush!

Being part of ONTRACK has helped me to think about how I can not just live and work in the bush but how I can live for Christ while working in the bush. I have loved learning from people who have walked this path before and thinking through how the gospel shapes the way were living and working in the bush.” - Gabby, Karratha WA

I recently moved to a rural community to work as a nurse. I was invited to join the ONTRACK program, and its been the best thing! Just such a timely opportunity to connect with other Christians making similar transitions into rural and remote communities and share the journey with them, while also applying structure and intentionality to the transition process.” ~ Abi, Glen Innes, NSW [pictured right with BCA National Director Greg Harris]

BCA ONTRACK has been both a supportive network of likeminded people seeking to serve Jesus in the same stage of life, and offers incredibly encouraging sessions that help you to think practically about what this looks like in the country.” - Elliot, Guyra NSW

ONTRACK has been a highlight for me each week as I begin my journey in a rural town. I felt so refreshed after the first week; hearing Bible-based teaching that directly addressed what I was thinking through, and talking to other grads who understood how I was feeling in a way that my friends back home didnt.” - Hannah, Warwick QLD

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Abi and Greg Harris in Glen Innes

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Online registration for the 2024 Cohort have closed.
If you are still interested in being part of BCA ONTRACK
please email Tim Stevens 

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