Mission Profile

Simon & Angela Owen

Grace (2016) Esther (2018) Josiah (2022)

Serving with BCA since April 2022

Simon & Angela Owen and their family moved to Cloncurry in April 2022. Simon previously served at Eagle Vale Anglican in Sydney and organised a short-term mission to Cloncurry in 2016. “Without knowing it at the time, we feel God used this short-term mission to help plant a seed and prepare us for ministry in Cloncurry five years later.”

Cloncurry has a population of around 2900 and is located about 780 kilometres south-west of Townsville. It is a regional service centre and local industries include cattle-grazing and mining. Cloncurry, Julia Creek and the Gulf area, (Normanton, Burketown, Karumba, Croydon, Georgetown) and other isolated cattle stations and mining communities have tiny groups of Christians and many who are yet to hear the gospel.

The Owen's Prayer Points for November 2023
Pay for God's hand to be upon all upcoming Christmas events and services including Cloncurry and Julia Creek Carols and Christmas Services that are planned between now and Christmas.