Mission Profile

Laurie & Bec Carleton

Olivia (2013) Claudia (2015) Harry (2017)

Serving with BCA since January 2022

Laurie & Bec Carleton, together with their children Olivia, Claudia and Harry serve at the Church of England on Norfolk Island. The Island has a rich Christian history but the Carletons pray that God will use their ministry, and that of the Christians there, to grow his kingdom. BCA provides pastoral care and prayer support for the family.

Located about 1400 kms off the coast of Australia, Norfolk Island is an external territory of Australia located between New Zealand and New Caledonia. At the 2021 Census the Island has about 2200 permanent residents, evenly split between Norfolk Islanders, Australians and New Zealanders.

The Carleton's Prayer Points for April 2024
Please pray for the Combined Churches Children’s and Youth Ministries. Ask that God will use Phillip & Tania Gordon as they lead them. Pray that God will continue to grow our Kids’ Church ministry.

The Carleton's Prayer Points for May 2024
We give thanks for the work God is doing on Norfolk Island. He continues to encourage the saints through His word and prayer to faithfully depend on Him. Also praise God that He continues to bring new families and individuals to church.