Mission Profile

Rachael Bell

Serving with BCA since 2021

Rachael works with SU Australia (Generate) & BCA as a Field Development Manager, seeking to support SRE Boards, SRE Teachers and Chaplains employed in public schools throughout Central West NSW. She travels the region from her home base in Bathurst. Rachael is passionate about the opportunities provided through schools ministry for children to experience God’s love and good news.

In 2014, BCA entered into a partnership with Generate with the aim of seeing a paid SRE (Scripture) teacher for every state high school in rural NSW by the end of the decade. Generate is now a member of the SU Australia family. SU Australia’s mission is to bring God’s love, hope and good news to children, young people and their families across the country. SU Australia (Generate) continues to help NSW Scripture Teachers, Chaplains and Scripture Boards strengthen their ministry in NSW schools.

Rachael's Prayer Points for April 2024
Please pray for SRE boards across NSW as they work to fundraise and support SRE teachers. Pray for generous financial supporters to enable this important ministry in our schools to continue.

Rachael's Prayer Points for May 2024
Pray that Chaplains working in public schools throughout NSW will be encouraged by the relationships they are building, and that Christ will sustain them. Pray for opportunities to share their faith with people in their school communities.