Mission Profile

Brendan & Laura Hurley

Ethan (2013) Jake (2017) Oliver (2018) Grace (2020) Geneva (2022)

Serving with BCA since February 2019

Brendan & Laura Hurley have served with BCA since early 2019; firstly, as assistant minister at St George’s Bluff Point (WA) and now as the Senior Pastor of Saltbush Evangelical Church. About 17,000 people live in Broken Hill. Sadly, most of them do not know the good news of Jesus. The Hurley family want to see masses of people start worshipping Him.

Broken Hill is an isolated town in western New South Wales, located only 50 kilometres from the New South Wales and South Australian border. It has a population of around 18,500 people and is Australia’s longest running mining town. Around five per cent of the population are Indigenous, a figure that continues to grow.

The Hurley's Prayer Points for April 2024
Ask God to transform our thinking as we have a mini sermon series on generosity and a larger sermon series on the doctrine of church. Pray that God will help us grow in love, focus and generosity.

The Hurley's Prayer Points for May 2024
Please pray for the youth and kids of Saltbush; may parents be discipling their kids well. Pray also for wisdom and energy for those leading our kids and youth programs. Pray that we would see new families join church.