Zambia comes to the Pilbara

By Frank Nicol, BCA Field Staff, Exmouth WA

The students from Grace Academy


What does it take to grab people’s attention in a town like Exmouth which has great beaches, surf, fishing and lifestyle? Well a choir from Zambia did a pretty good job recently.

Many Christians from our church and town are involved with a school known as Grace Academy. Grace Academy was established by the organisation Seeds of Hope and is situated not far from Ndola, Zambia.

Approximately 160 students board at Grace, and most, if not all of them, are infected or affected by HIV.

Grace Academy was established to provide hope into what seems like a hopeless situation for many of the children and youth who attend their school. It must first be said that Jesus is the hope that the team at Grace hold out for their students. In His name physical care for the present is offered to all of the students at Grace. With advancements in medicine, sufferers of HIV can now live full lives, have children, be educated, and work.

The members of our church who are involved in Grace saw an opportunity for a choir to be sent from Zambia to the Pilbara. After much prayer for the many hurdles that had to be overcome, a team of 14 came out to Australia.

Exmouth was their base of operations, and they made quite an impact on our town. Many, many people who usually have no affiliation with Jesus, came out of the woodwork to engage with these Zambian people. We had concerts in the bush, at the local game fishing club, in the school and impromptu mini concerts on a number of boats. Some of our concerts were explicitly Christian. When we met in Shot Hole Canyon, more than 150 people, most of whom will not regularly step foot in our churches, heard Scripture declared boldly. But even at the concerts that were not explicitly Christian, you could not stop these students from singing God’s praises. Their Christianity flowed through their songs and so our whole town heard that there is no one like Jesus, no matter where you search and that He is Number One.

My ongoing prayer is that God would bring the fruit that He would like to see from this trip and if it is His will that we might get further opportunity to declare God’s praises among the people of our town.