Your Best Celebration?

By Mark Short – BCA National Director

I wonder what’s the best celebration you’ve ever enjoyed? What made it so special? Was it the food, the location, or was it the people who were celebrating with you? Perhaps it was the occasion itself – there are some milestones that bring us joy all by themselves.

In this edition of The Real Australian you’ll read about some of our plans for celebrating BCA’s centenary in 2019. No doubt there will be some good food and good times to enjoy with good friends. Beyond that, I want to suggest some ways in which we can celebrate well no matter what the occasion.

We celebrate well when we give thanks to God for the past. When we make ourselves or our achievements the centrepiece, we miss out on the joy that comes from recognising the goodness and grace of God. He is the giver of every good gift, including the ability to persevere.

We celebrate well when we are honest before God in the present. No individual human life and no human organisation are free from sin and failure. Part of the reason we acknowledge where we’ve gone wrong is that it helps us to receive God’s forgiveness and also to marvel that He still uses flawed humans to achieve His purposes.

We celebrate well when we trust God about the future. For almost 100 years men and women have been going the distance to reach Australia for Christ under the banner of BCA. Until Christ returns that mission will remain as compelling and as urgent as ever. Godly celebrations are the seed-bed of renewed commitment.

In Psalm 78, which is a song of remembrance, God’s people commit to telling the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord (verse 4). I can think of no better reason for a celebration than that!