Who would have thought?

Steve & Lyn Davis

Steve Davis
Steve Davis at the site of the Bishop Kirkby Memorial Hospital in Cook


Who would have thought what God had in mind for us when we both resigned from leadership positions in South Australian Riverland schools in 2007?

We thought we would serve in our local church and Steve even wrote a letter asking the minister how he could be of help. That was a dangerous thing to do! The reply came back: leading Bible studies, preaching and pastoral care! Steve resisted this idea at first but it just so happened that Bible College SA were holding regional courses in our town. We both attended and did the study just for our own further learning. One thing led to another and we found ourselves studying full-time at BCSA. We were then appointed to Streaky Bay Anglican Church for four years. We returned to Adelaide thinking that we could serve by helping out in churches. That plan lasted three weeks until Steve was appointed to a locum position in Belair for the next six months. It became apparent to us that God was equipping us to have a broad understanding of the Anglican Church in South Australia.

In 2014 Steve became the BCA Regional Officer for SA/NT. During the last five years we have both enjoyed serving the Lord Jesus with BCA. We have had the privilege of visiting many supporting churches in SA as well as the NT to present news about BCA Field Staff. We have had many rich conversations with people who have fond memories of BCA in its earlier days. Some attributed their understanding of a personal relationship with Jesus to those who worked in hospitals and ministers who explained the good news. We have had a great time encouraging our Field Staff in SA and the NT. We have loved meeting the families and also the kids, who are so full of life. We have had great times babysitting kids to give their (Field Staff) parents a night out, something not so readily available without extended family around.

We sometimes wish we were 10 years younger to be part of the next exciting chapter of BCA, but that’s not God’s timing for us. So what will we do now? We have always had a passion for working in under resourced places, whether in education or ministry. We may turn up in some small town offering our encouragement to Christians in isolation, travelling in our van as BCA Nomads (once we are free to travel again). Or it might be doing some locum work somewhere in the sticks.

On the eve of Steve’s retirement from BCA, we pause to reflect on our connection with the Society over the last fifty something years. We became aware of BCA over five decades ago because the church we attended partnered with BCA and had a number of very strong supporters.

When Steve became a teacher, he was sent to Tarcoola, a small railway town about 750 kms north-west of Adelaide. It was also the location of a BCA hospital staffed by Sisters Heather Heaver and Maude Ross. These Christian women had served in the bush for many years, in remote communities, caring for the health needs and at times the spiritual needs of the locals. As he got to know them over that year, he was encouraged by the work that they did, their courage in adverse conditions and their fellowship and kindness to him. They were experienced ‘bushies’ dealing with a city slicker!

Our reconnection with BCA ministry some years later was in Mintabie (400 kms south of Alice Springs) with visits from The Revd Ian Robinson (Coober Pedy). We thank God for those early connections with BCA, for the things we learned and the opportunity to serve.

We leave with many happy and vibrant memories of our time with BCA but know that God will use us somewhere, if we submit to Him. The words of Joshua 1:9 ring true for us all as they did for Joshua. “Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Please pray that we remain open to Him and serve Him to the end of our days on earth.