What has a German monk got to do with the Australian bush?

By Mark Short – BCA National Director

What has a German monk got to do with the Australian bush? More than you might realise!

Five hundred years ago this October Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to a door in Wittenberg, beginning the Protestant Reformation. Later generations summarised the Reformation message using five solas – from the Latin wording meaning ‘alone’. Bush Church Aid stands humbly in this Reformation heritage, believing it to be firmly grounded in Scripture. We want that commitment to be about more than slogans, so let me suggest how these five convictions might be lived out in a mission society like ours:

We do mission by Scripture alone when we trust in the power of God’s word to change lives and transform communities. This frees us from trying to make changes by cleverness or force of personality.

We do mission by faith alone when we bring our hopes and fears to God in prayer. This frees us from imagining the future belongs to us and our own worthiness.

We do mission by grace alone when we are confident that God’s generosity will motivate people to be generous in response. This frees us from manipulation and desperation.

We do mission for Christ alone when we long to see people trust Him as Lord and Saviour. This frees us from worrying about the survival of an institution or organisation.

We do mission for the glory of God alone when we are content for our service to be noticed by Him and no-one else. This frees us from captivity to popularity and reputation.

In this edition of The Real Australian you’ll come across BCA Field Staff who are living out these convictions. May you be encouraged to go ‘sola’ wherever God has called you to mission, so that together we might go the distance to reach Australia for Christ.