The same hope in our unfailing God

By Mark Short, BCA National DIrector

I am repeatedly thrilled to discover how God has connected diverse people through the ministry of BCA. Our SA/NT Regional Officer Steve Davis and I recently attended the Field Staff commissioning for Kristan and Kathryn Slack in Katherine, Northern Territory. We met local Aboriginal Christians and spoke to people who came north for a ‘year or two’ in the 1960’s and never went back south. All had their own hopes for God’s ministry in their common home. A highlight of the evening was when the local mayor rose to welcome the Slacks to their new community and spoke about her own BCA links. As a child growing up near Ceduna, Fay Miller experienced the blessings of BCA-supported ministry in that location. Later she spent time at the BCA Hostel in Port Lincoln where she made life-long friendships. Who knows what God-inspired connections are being grown even now?

It is the power of the Christian gospel to bring together people who can be divided by difference and the injustices of the past and present. One of BCA’s key priority areas is “supporting ministry by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people”. Since our work began it has brought us into contact with Australia’s first peoples. No doubt there have been mistakes along the way, but I believe that our work has been at its best when it has recognised and affirmed the God-given gifts of all believers. 

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who gave to our recent appeal to support ministry in mining communities. By God’s grace we had a great outcome and saw the biggest response ever to a half yearly appeal – over $260,000 in donations. Thank you also to everyone who was unable to give but used the appeal as a prompt to prayer – in God’s economy it all makes a difference!