The Real Australian Winter 2021 Editorial

Greg Harris National Director

It is just 350 metres of graded dirt, intersecting with two other streets and ending up at ‘Big John’s’. A quick search of real estate websites will show that only four houses have this ‘outback boulevard’ as part of their postal address; and apparently Lot 354, a two-bedroom family home, is still available. I refer to BCA Road.

Yes, the Bush Church Aid Society has a road named after it in Coober Pedy, just metres from the Catacomb Church. It is a testament to the long history of BCA in this remote part of South Australia. And although the road is not grand by city standards, it proves a necessary function: access for the four residential properties and a swift means by which to get from Big John’s Road to the Catacomb Church. In many ways it reflects two gospel truths about our Saviour. Let me elaborate.

In the Suffering Servant passage of Isaiah 53 we are reminded that “He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to Him, nothing in His appearance that we should desire Him” (Isaiah 53:2b). I admit I may find myself rebuked for even subtly implying that BCA Road has no beauty or majesty, but you can make up your own mind by looking on Google maps. Yet Isaiah 53 lifts our eyes from shallow outward appearances to God’s will and purpose. This suffering servant, personified in Jesus, bears our sin, and makes intercession for the transgressors (verse 12).

Which segues to the second Biblical truth – access. It may only be access for four residential properties in Coober Pedy, but BCA Road provides that important access. Even more importantly, it is through the bearing of sin by the suffering servant (Jesus), that we have access. An access not so much to the Catacomb Church but more significantly a heavenly residential address.

This is central to the message and hope of all our Field Staff. Throughout this edition of The Real Australian, you will read stories of faithful servants declaring the access we have through Jesus. And you will also read accounts of people responding. Responding not because of any wit, ability, beauty or majesty on the part of the Field Staff, but the faithful declaration that access to the Father is through the Son alone.


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