The Real Australian Summer 2021 Editorial

Greg Harris – National Director

A couple of quick trivia questions to start:

  1. Of the 23 Anglican Dioceses in Australia, how many of them have BCA Field Staff serving there?
  2. And, in what state is the Diocese of the Murray?

(You can find the answers at the end of this editorial.)

I ask these questions to help focus our attention on the ministry of BCA across many parts of Australia, sometimes with non-Anglican entities, but primarily with Anglican Dioceses. It is also a segue in highlighting recent decisions by the BCA Executive – this is where the Diocese of the Murray comes in.

You would have noticed the focus of our end of year appeal is based around our recent decisions to extend and begin partnerships with the Dioceses of Central Queensland, Bathurst, and The Murray (see page 4). I recently asked the Bishops of these dioceses about the importance of partnership with BCA, and one of the most valued aspects was prayer support.

Likewise, I once had another Bishop refer to prayerful BCA supporters as “the most effective prayer network in Australia” that he was aware of.

Now I can’t take credit for that, it is certainly a joint effort by all of us. But I wanted to raise it now to make two points.

Firstly, it will take perseverance from all of us to continue being a faithful and effective prayer network. Each month I generally produce a very short video that focuses on a specific region or need for our prayers. This monthly focus is meant to complement our Prayer Notes, the PrayerMate app, and daily emails. You can view my latest video by scanning the QR code found at right.

Secondly, and this brings me back to where I started, we really need your prayers for these new and growing diocesan partnerships. It goes without saying that giving financially is important to sending people, but prayer covers every aspect of these partnerships. Please pray that God might raise up people to fill these positions, sustain and equip them while they are there, and move in the hearts and minds of those in the communities they serve to accept the Good News of Jesus.

I do hope that you can join me as we go the distance in this great adventure. And for those playing along at home the answers are 15 and South Australia. But come next year the answer to question one will be 16! Thanks be to God.


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