The Real Australian Summer 2020 Editorial

Greg Harris - National Director

Recently, while travelling through western NSW, I was greeted with the wonderful site of what appeared to be bumper crops; many almost ready for harvest. I took the opportunity to get some wonderful drone footage.

However, just a few days later while watching the TV news, I saw a farmer recalling how much of his crop had been destroyed, or at least severely downgraded, by torrential rain and hail that had swept across the region. In his voice and manner he projected a resilience in the face of adversity, no doubt fashioned through years of drought. In the end he spoke of the hope that he had that next year might be better.

Yet we all know there is no guarantee that next year will be a better harvest season. We even have the old adage that the only certainties in life are death and taxes. Still, that is not the case for us who put our faith in the ‘Lord of the Harvest’.

The summer edition of The Real Australian coincides with the beginning of Advent; a time of hope. Interestingly, we often misunderstand that the hope spoken of at Advent is not so much about the birth of Jesus or His first coming, but in fact His second coming (which is clearly shown in the prescribed lectionary readings).

The old adage of 'the only certainties in life' is lacking for followers of Jesus. For there are other certainties that can be added, such as forgiveness and peace with God; all possible in and through Jesus.

But Advent reminds us that there is another certainty. The farmer I spoke of has no certainty that next year’s harvest will be better, in many ways it is a hollow hope. But Advent reminds us that our hope is in the one who will return and make all things new. Who will take us to be where He is (John 14).

May this sure and certain hope, which cannot be ‘downgraded’ by rain or hail, strengthen us all to go the distance. May it spur us on to love and good deeds as we approach the end of this difficult year and begin another.


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