The Real Australian Spring 2021 Editorial

Greg Harris National Director

“YES! That is exactly what I think too.”

It doesn’t always happen, but sometimes I find myself almost cheering as I progress from one paragraph to the next when reading an article. The steady exclamations of agreement get louder and more pronounced until reaching the final full stop when I sit back in my chair and declare, “YES! That is exactly what I think too”.

That was my experience when I read the article reprinted with permission in this edition of The Real Australian (see page 12). Again, in my humble opinion, Gary O’Brien nails it when he speaks about “Builders” and “Inheritors.”

I suspect there are a few reasons why this article grabbed me. It could be that I have lead churches that could fall into either category. It could be that I have had numerous conversations similar to the ones that Gary retells. It could also be that it was the Spirit of the Living God challenging my own selfish desires.

What I do know is that in my role with BCA, this is a live issue, with many of the churches we support needing builders. If you have already read the article I refer to, you know it doesn’t speak of carpenters and plumbers. Rather it speaks of those who take seriously the challenge of Jesus to be servants (Mark 10:42–45).

I am looking for those who are willing to lay aside ‘all the ministry bells and whistles’ and go, go to build up the saints in rural, regional, and remote parts of Australia. It is a rare occurrence in such places to find a church or ministry where you will inherit a full-time specialist team. But what you will find in many places are opportunities to equip all the saints to be part of a team in the biblical sense (Ephesians 4).

As you read the article in this edition, I wonder if it will challenge your choices and motives like it did mine? I wonder if it will even challenge our support of BCA and drive us to prayer? Will you find yourself getting to the end and saying “YES! That is exactly what I think too”.


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