The Real Australian Spring 2020 Editorial  

Greg Harris - National Director

Can you touch your toes? Yes, no or used to be able to? I have always been quite sporty but never as flexible as I should be. My tight hamstrings haven’t always allowed me to touch my toes without bending my knees.

That said, I have found myself needing to be flexible in many aspects of ministry over the years. I hasten to add the need to be flexible in aspects that are not important; I don’t mean in foundational gospels truths. I recall a time when I turned up to a small country church in the middle of nowhere. I had a well-prepared sermon and service but only one faithful parishioner turned up. Most of what was prepared went out the window and we sat together in this little wooden church. We shared a cup of tea, opened God’s word and prayed. Flexibility allowed one of the most valuable pastoral sessions I had in that parish.

The situation we find ourselves in presently with the shifting sands of border restrictions, lockdowns and safe distancing all due to COVID-19 requires great flexibility. How many of us knew what Zoom was before Easter this year? And yet the church is not always known for flexibility is it? (Insert joke about ‘How many bishops does it take to change a lightbulb’ here)

I find myself in self-isolation as I write this article after returning from interstate after a family bereavement. I am unable to leave the house and yet ministry must go on. Flexibility is called for.

As I read back over the history of BCA, I believe that flexibility has been a strong characteristic of our ministry. Just consider the van ministry that occurred in the early years, or the medical support provided in places like Cook.

When we return to what is often termed “the new normal” that same flexibility will need to continue to be valued. But may it never be at the expense of what we believe and value. Foundational gospel truths remain resolute.

Can I also encourage you to not be flexible in your support? Please continue to pray for our Field Staff and their flexibility to deal with the current situation in order to proclaim Jesus. And may we remain faithful in all areas of our support of Bush Church Aid so that we can continue to go the distance to reach Australia for Christ.

And may God grant all of us flexibility to learn new things and peace when wearied by the changes and chances of this fleeting world.   

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