The Real Australian Autumn 2022 Editorial

Greg Harris, National Director

As I write this editorial, I am surrounded by packing boxes here in the BCA National Office. What is going on I hear you ask? Are we leaving? Are we shutting up shop? May it never be!

The reason for all the packing is a good thing and revolves around BCA having such a long history. If you didn’t know, the National Office moved to where it currently is in the 1980’s. Thirty plus years later almost nothing has changed in the office. [Fun Fact #1 – The York Street floor used to be owned by an accounting firm and most of the current furniture is what was left behind when the accountants walked out!]

With no changes in all that time, and the growth of BCA’s ministry, the current fit out of the office is no longer an effective workspace and is also not very welcoming for visitors. [Fun Fact #2 – the office toilets have the original plumbing and cubicles. Besides the occasional washer, nothing has changed since the 1960’s when the building was constructed!]

So, we are moving out temporarily in order that the National and NSW Office can be refurbished. This has been made possible through God’s grace and wise stewardship over a number of years. [Fun Fact #3 – the office carpet, and most of the stains, were here in the 1980’s when we moved in!]

All of which is in keeping with the mission of BCA for over 100 years – let me explain. Since our beginning one thing has NOT changed, namely sharing the “old, old story of Jesus and His love”. Yet BCA has had to make changes throughout the years; we have had to adapt, begin new things, and even conclude others.

Our Field Staff need to do this on a regular basis, adapting to the local context and societal changes, without ever losing sight of the main goal – sharing the “old, old story”. Consider those serving in mining towns that often face boom and bust, or those in towns where the biggest export is young people. The hope of the Gospel never changes but the means and the delivery may need to. It is what the Apostle Paul was referring to in 1 Corinthians 9:20–22.

I trust that you will be encouraged by reading the stories in this edition of The Real Australian on how our Field Staff are being all things to all people to share the “old, old story”. Please continue to pray they will have wisdom and discernment on how to adapt as necessary.

Which brings me full circle to the packing boxes. This office layout has served BCA well for many decades, but it needs to change. We will return to a new office layout soon but what this office is about will never change like the “old, old story”. Each day we will begin in prayer and seek to serve and support those in the field as they go the distance without a packing box in sight.

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