The Real Australian Autumn 2021 Editorial

Greg Harris, National Director

“There are no easy answers.” I can’t remember exactly which press conference I was listening to at the time, but that quip caught my attention. I have probably heard that phrase a thousand times, but on this occasion I must have been a little more reflective.

If there was ever a time when there were no easy answers, it would have to be this past year. Correct? Over the last twelve months every one of us have faced situations where there were no easy answers.

However, without diminishing the complexity of 2020, and for a number of people the grief and mourning, I wonder if there has ever been a time in history with easy answers? History is strewn with complex situations because people and societies are complex. Economies and governing are complex. Overseeing education and health systems is complex. Closer to home, raising a family can be complex. And I am sure we could all name a myriad of other complex systems or life situations.

However, throughout history and in each complex situation, there is hope. It is too simplistic to say that whatever the question is, the answer is ‘Jesus.’ As I am not sure the answer to stopping my dog digging up the garden is Jesus. Yet when it comes to the really important questions there is an answer. Important questions like ‘Where is my worth?’, ‘Where is my security?’, ‘Where is my hope for eternity?’ and ‘Where can I find forgiveness and peace?’.

Admittedly, you could argue there are no easy answers to those questions either because they all engage with complex situations and people. Yet I would argue there is at the very least an answer you can trust – Jesus.

At BCA we also know there are no easy answers in bush ministry. And yet the same certainty exists no matter the challenges in rural, regional and remote Australia – Jesus is Lord, God’s kingdom reigns and peace is ours through grace. There may be no easy answers but there is certainty, so we continue to go, going the distance.


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