The Real Australian Autumn 2020 Editorial   

Greg Harris, BCA National Director

I have been fortunate to live in parts of this beautiful land where the autumn colours are magnificent. One particular house I lived in had a claret ash in the front yard that words do not do justice in describing. The deep red of the leaves and the incredible shape of this tree caught my attention every autumn.

Psalm 19 might rightly remind us that the ‘heavens declare the glory of God’ yet I could mount a strong argument that the claret ash did the same throughout the year as it changed. From the rich red leaves of autumn to the dormant leafless months of winter, to the light green sprouts of spring and the full bloom of summer. Each change spoke not only of God’s timing in this world but also pointed me to the glory of the one to whom I was praying.

For many of our Field Staff there is also a change in the air. For those in the northern parts of Australia, with the cooler months comes an increase in tourists and residents who return. Please remember to pray for these Field Staff and churches as numerous programs will be in full swing and increased opportunities will exist to proclaim the glory of God.

Yet there are other changes that should focus our prayers. We pray for a change in those regions still impacted by the drought and specifically pray for a change in the weather and good winter rains. Equally, we continue to pray for those communities who have seen their landscape drastically changed by the summer bushfires.

In many ways, the seasonal changes of the claret ash remind us that not all seasons will be easy. Yet even in what appears to be the lifeless months of winter; new life is waiting to burst forth. Pray that God’s Spirit will continue to bring about the necessary change of hearts so that not only the heavens and the claret ash speak of God’s glory, but the hearts of this nation will also.