Support for Exmouth

Greg Harris, National Director 

Bush Church Aid is pleased to announce that it is supporting the ministry of Simon & Alison Roberts who are taking up the ministry position in Exmouth, Western Australia. Simon, who was the senior minister at St Mark’s Malabar in Sydney, is committed to making disciples who make disciples.

"Every person needs the hope that is only found in Christ Jesus. We are looking forward to encouraging the saints in Exmouth and the community in general to have confidence in Christ and the promises of God,” says Simon. “I don't know exactly what our ministry will look like in a 'COVID-19 world' but more than ever people need to know their Lord and Saviour."

In taking on the ministry at Exmouth, Simon and Alison leave behind their two adult daughters who are completing university study in Sydney. Please pray for them all as they adjust to their new lives. Also, at this time of COVID-19 and travel restrictions, please pray that Simon and Alison would make it safely to Exmouth. Pray also for wisdom once there in establishing how to get to know people due to the restrictions around groups gathering. 

Simon & Alison Roberts