Staying Connected in the Bush

by Mark Short, BCA National Director

 The more things change, the more we need to work on staying connected.

I’ve recently been considering a government yearbook called Progress in Australian Regions. Amongst the many (!) statistics two key trends stand out:

  • the bush is changing. Over the past few years the pace of economic change has been fastest for Australians living in the bush.
  • the bush risks becoming disconnected. Over the past few years levels of trust and participation in civic and political groups have fallen the most in the bush.

Together, these two trends risk eroding social capital – the network of relationships which gives people a sense of belonging in the community. But with this challenge there is a wonderful opportunity for Christian mission. What better time to share a message which connects people of different ages and backgrounds under the Lordship of Christ!

Our current financial appeal highlights how God is working through BCA-supported ministry to keep people connected with Christ and each other in rapidly changing mining communities.

Thank you if you’ve already responded to it! This edition of The Real Australian looks at another side of connection – building bridges of trust and learning across generations, so that the gospel of Jesus continues to bear fruit in our nation. I hope you find it an encouragement to face the changes in your world with Christ-centred confidence.