Sharing the gospel across Australia and beyond 

by Mark Short, National Director


Whenever I travel outside our major centres and see the number of bars on my mobile phone dwindle, I am reminded how easy it is to take everyday services for granted. Whether it’s mobile phone coverage, educational opportunities or access to medical and dental care – the gap remains between Australians living in the bush and those in our capital cities. It is a gap that needs to be closed.

There is another type of coverage that is close to the heart of BCA. We call it gospel coverage. It means the opportunity to be connected to a Christ-centred, Bible-based, Mission-hearted community of God’s people. We pray for a future where all Australians, no matter where they live, enjoy that opportunity. We are working with our partner Dioceses and organisations to make this a reality.

Over the next several editions of The Real Australian we will be working through the key priority areas I introduced in our Summer 2015 edition. The first of these is bringing the gospel of Christ to the outermost parts of Australia.

In this edition you will read how Field Staff and the churches they serve are sharing that gospel across Australia and even beyond our borders.

Finally, a big thanks to all our supporters who gave so generously to our end of financial year appeal which focused on the new ministry opportunity in Longreach-Barcaldine.

By God’s grace we exceeded our target and this has given us a great foundation for this new work. God has also provided a couple for this ministry – The Revd Capt Graeme and Mrs Susan Liersch. Read more about them in your email edition of The Real Australian.

May the LORD guide your footsteps for His glory in 2016!