Radio Spot leads DJ to church

By David Fell  Field Staff, Norfolk Island

My Sunday morning radio spot in Norfolk Island brought an unexpected visitor to St Barnabas Chapel in late June. The DJ who had been playing my pre-recorded show each Sunday arranged to swap her shift saying “I just feel like I have to go to church.

It was very encouraging to hear that this DJ (not a Christian in any way shape or form) had been listening to the messages go out as she hosted her show. I wasn’t sure she’d come but sure enough she was there!

I was preaching on Mark 6 – and speaking about how Jesus is the compassionate, good shepherd of His people. We chatted afterward and I hope I’ll see her again on a Sunday! Please pray for her to come to Jesus and for us as we get to know her.

During my radio spot, I have been doing a lot of apologetics, borrowing arguments from Tim Keller’s The Reason for God. Other times I choose the best bit of that week’s sermon. I get about 10 minutes each week. I also get to throw to a song. Sometimes I choose a hymn or a modern worship song. I got a great reaction from the community when I played some Christian hip-hop at Easter time!