New Nomad Coordinators

Greg Harris - National Director  

Greg & Jocelyn Lay

Today I would like to announce our new Nomads Coordinators, Greg & Jocelyn Lay.

Greg & Jocelyn have been BCA Nomads since 2012 but have been caravanning for the past 53 years! It was after they bought their first caravan in 2008 that they started travelling around Australia. A few short years later they combined their passion for caravanning with their passion for serving Christ.

BCA Nomads have been well served for many years by previous coordinators Doug and Frances Orr before Doug’s death in late June. During their leadership the Nomads went from strength to strength.

Greg & Jocelyn consider themselves to be Auswi (Australian Kiwi), moving to Australia in 1996. Greg has worked in the steel industry, the IT industry, been a dairy farmer and a truck salesman. Before raising their three daughters, Jocelyn was children’s dentist in New Zealand.

“As BCA Nomads we enjoy combining our love of travel, meeting people and serving the Lord,” says Greg & Jocelyn.

Please pray for Greg & Jocelyn as they work with the Nomad leadership team to strengthen this important ministry.