New Field Staff in the Diocese of Bendigo

Greg Harris - National Director  

Jeremy & Claire Morgan

Bush Church Aid is pleased to announce that it is supporting the ministry of Jeremy & Claire Morgan in a new Mallee ministry initiative within the Diocese of Bendigo.

Jeremy was inducted as Priest-in-Charge in late 2019 by the Bishop of Bendigo The Rt Revd Dr Matt Brain. Claire, a deacon, was commissioned to serve alongside Jeremy in a voluntary capacity.

This new initiative, which includes the Co-operative Parish of Central Mallee (previously supported by BCA) now combined with the Tyrell Parish of the Uniting Church, extends more than 250 kms from east to west and 100 kms from north to south, and includes eight churches. As Anglicans Jeremy and Claire have the blessing to serve the cooperating church communities and seeing shared community so present in the bush come to life in practice. The support of Bush Church Aid will see Jeremy & Claire travel throughout the parishes to minister to Christians in their own localities.  

“The central and western Mallee is experiencing demographic change and the effects of the latest long drought,” says Jeremy. “The existing Christian congregations have persevered tenaciously and need encouragement to reach deeply hurting communities.”

BCA is excited to support the ministry of Jeremy & Claire. It is my prayer that with our support they are able to reach out with the good news of the gospel to people right across the region.