New Field Staff for the saints in Roxby Downs

Janine van den Tillaart 
The McDonald Family

The bush holds great significance to our newest Field Staff Glen and Beth McDonald. It was in Narrabri, on the northwest slopes of New South Wales, that Glen first understood the gospel and God’s saving grace. Beth, who can’t remember a time when she didn’t trust in the Lord as her saviour, has a strong memory of the old faithful Bush Church Aid money box that sat on her kitchen windowsill.

“Even before becoming Field Staff we valued the ministry of BCA in how they enable God’s word to be shared with so many people in rural and remote areas of Australia,” says Beth.

Glen, Beth and their five children Zac, Lili, Jaxon, Jesse and Asher move to Roxby Downs in December.

Glen leaves his positions at Junee Anglican Church and the Riverina Juvenile Justice Centre to become the minister-in-charge at Roxby Downs Christian Community Church. When they arrive it will be 2.5 years since there was a full-time minister-in-charge.

“God really attracted us to Roxby Downs,” says Glen. “After being asked to consider the position, through much prayer and investigation, we felt very strongly that God was leading our family to serve there. The way that God has broken down so many fears and obstacles has been nothing short of amazing!”

While many city-dwellers would think of Junee as a remote parish, the McDonalds could not quite believe how isolated Roxby Downs is.

“The first thing that struck us as we arrived in Roxby was the remoteness,” says Beth. “I don’t think either of us had travelled anywhere so remote before! However, we were warmly welcomed by the saints in Roxby and immediately felt at ease. The town has a lovely feel to it and we both said we could imagine our family thriving in the young community there.”

The McDonald family would value your prayers as they prepare to leave Junee – their church, community and friendships. Pray also for them as they arrive and settle into Roxby Downs. Their son Jaxon requires therapy and a special educator and they pray that there is no significant disruption to his program.

Glen and Beth hope that the saints at Roxby Downs Christian Community Church will continue to grow under God’s word as they minister to them. “We pray that as we serve them, we will become part of the community and together we will strive to share God’s grace, for His Glory.”