NAIDOC Week 2020

Neville Naden - Indigenous Ministry Officer

[Editors Note: NAIDOC week is usually celebrated in the first week of July, however, the 2020 celebrations were postponed to 8-15 November due to COVID-19]

The one thing that we should appreciate about NAIDOC week is it came about as a result of the conviction of Godly Christian Aboriginal men and women who sort justice for Indigenous people. 

Like most things, many of the celebrated dates that happen in this country, when it comes to Indigenous people, including NAIDOC, was started by Christian’s as a day of prayer. It was celebrated the Sunday before the celebration of Australia Day. While Non-Aboriginal people celebrated the arrival of the first fleet, many First Nations Christian people could not see their way forward to celebrate all that this meant for their people. However, what they did do, was gather the masses to pray and seek God’s direction of what could be. This eventually resulted in what we celebrated today as NAIDOC. 

NAIDOC is a celebration of Indigenous Culture and achievement.

BCA would welcome its field staff to engage with the indigenous community, should they feel comfortable to do so. This could be one week in the year that our staff may step out of their comfort zones and connect with the indigenous community should one exist in the area.    

All the best and happy NAIDOC