My People need Jesus

By Nathaniel Naden – BCA Field Staff, Living Waters Student Minister

I was raised by Christian parents and have been blessed from a young age to be taught the good news of the gospel. As kids we were taken to church regularly, attended Sunday school and were encouraged in the things of the Lord.

Every second year in Port Augusta (South Australia) there is a national gathering of Indigenous Christian men and women – the Aboriginal Evangelical Fellowship (AEF) National Conference. I have only missed one AEF gathering. I first heard the gospel preached at one of these gatherings and responded in faith when I was a youth. I have been learning what this call meant to me ever since.

I have had a number of good role models in my Christian walk: from my parents to my uncles and aunties and other Christian leaders in the communities where we have lived. The role of the AEF has been instrumental and an endless source of encouragement.

The need for well-trained Indigenous men and women in ministry has been on my heart for a long time. I have always felt the call to tell my own people about the good news of the gospel. Indigenous people are taught all sorts of things about how they should live and what they should be doing with their lives, but at the end of the day the only thing that matters is whether or not you know Jesus as Saviour.

I have signed up for the four-year Bachelor of Divinity (BD) at Moore College and I am currently halfway through my second year. It has been a tremendous privilege to come and study the word of God, learn biblical languages and listen to inspiring chapel sermons.

At present I am the only Indigenous student at college and only the third Indigenous student in its 160 year history. Hopefully in future years this will change. After I finish my Bachelor of Divinity I would love to work as a theological trainer teaching Indigenous people theology and creating pathways for them to go and study at institutions such as Moore College. I really am drawn to ministering to Indigenous Australians – my people need Jesus!