Many reasons to rejoice in Kununurra

Janine van den Tillaart

With a growing Sunday morning congregation, a search for a new Children’s and Youth Worker and an extension of two years on their time in Kununurra, there are many reasons to rejoice for Daniel & Bec Faricy.

A large group of children playing in and along side a flowing crrek. Some have pvc piping. Behind them is a stand of trees.Now in their fourth year in Kununurra, the Faricy family have been so excited to see growth in their morning service, even though they lost one-third of their congregation last year when people moved away during the pandemic. “We lost 17 adults and a bunch of kids,” says Daniel. “That was noticeable at the end of last year but this year it has picked up again and is continuing to grow. We’ve had a few new families move into town and join us and the other week we had 45 kids at Kids’ Church – that was crazy!”

On a regular Sunday St James’ has about 50 adults and 30 children in church. Any bigger and they will need to look at a second morning service – a great dilemma to have. Many families have joined after their kids said they were keen to come to church.

“When we got here, I made it clear that we valued kids in the service,” explains Daniel. “I did that by having a regular kids' spot or a kids’ song – to communicate each week that the kids are valuable and important to God. The kids spend about 25 to 30 minutes in church before going to their own program. Adults love this, they say ‘I feel comfortable bringing my kids, they can make a noise and I don’t feel out of place – not everyone is looking at me saying shhh’.”

In terms of future plans, Greg Harris recently announced that BCA is looking to partner with the Diocese of North West Australia to find and fund a Children’s and Youth Worker for Kununurra. “I’m really excited about this,” says Daniel. “Particularly to continue to strengthen our Kids’ Church but there’s also an opportunity for us to do Indigenous ministry amongst the youth in Wyndham. I’d love prayer for that.”

Apart from the larger group ministries, Daniel & Bec run Bible studies mid-week; a mixed group on Tuesday nights and a ladies’ group on Wednesday mornings. Daniel also meets one-to-one with people to read the Bible, something he really enjoys. “It’s a great way of helping people be established in the word. One of the guys I meet with is not yet a Christian. It’s great to meet up with him on a regular basis and open the Bible. He came along to church once and I offered to catch up with him. That was the only time he came to church but he’s continued meeting with me.”

“I’m really grateful for the many different opportunities that God gives. Ultimately it all comes down to the preaching of the gospel and the spirit of God that changes and grows people.”


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