Making Connections and Making Christ Known in the Untouched Wilderness



A surprisingly vast and sprawling area of wilderness, Kangaroo Island is the third largest island in Australia.

And yet, despite its short distance from Adelaide and the mainland, residents on the Island struggle with isolation and lack of community.

“People here, me included, definitely struggle with just being isolated,” says David Burrow, a parishioner at KI Anglican Church. “A lot of people get fairly depressed in the winter months. It gets grey and dreary and the people around mean a lot to you.”

Brad and Joh Henley, along with their daughters Jemima and Gabriella, serve as BCA Field Staff on Kangaroo Island.

“People are looking for community and looking for relationships where they can know people and be known and so just providing hospitality is a great thing in ministry,” Brad says.

“We found some really deep Christian fellowship, even though there aren’t many Christians on the Island and they’re really spread out, they have a real yearning for that Christian fellowship and conversations,” adds Joh Henley.

Steve and Lucy Morgan are farmers are on the Island and say that this fellowship is invaluable. “To be able to fellowship with other Christians around and be able to grow here in this place where He has put us is really special and important for us,” Lucy says.

Watch the video to learn more about ministry and community on Kangaroo Island.