Joining the Australian Mission Field

By Kristan Slack – BCA Field Staff, Katherine, NT



Kristan and Kathryn Slack are two of BCA’s newest Field Staff serving in the Northern Territory. Kristan shares how God led them to their new home in Katherine.

My Mum is a committed Christian, she took me to church and made sure I knew the gospel from an early age. I’ve been a Christian since I was about five. One night I prayed with Mum and made more ‘formal’ what I believed expressing my trust in Jesus.

It was really after university that I realised if Jesus is in charge then I need to let Him run my life. I looked at how I could use my energy and skills for others as well. That took me to engineering at a missionary school in South India. It was over there that I got involved in the Bible teaching of pastors.

I returned to Australia after two years in India and started attending All Saints Anglican Church in Nowra, was greatly encouraged and eventually headed to Moore College.

In my first year of college my father passed away from a sudden stroke and I thought ‘what am I here for?’ I realised that I was doing this for Christ and His church and not for myself. So when things were hard, I remembered that it wasn’t just for me.

I met Kath in my first year of college and we got married half way through my studies. We wiped the slate clean about our plans for the future and started praying. We both had overseas in mind and went with Pioneers to Mauritius for a year in 2011.

As that year came to a close we decided to go home and, God willing, start a family. For four and a quarter years I served in the role of branch pastor for Moorebank Anglican Church. God gave us three children in that time. We started asking towards the end of last year – what’s coming next? We thought about going overseas but realised if we’re willing to go overseas we should be willing to go outside Sydney.

Bishop Greg Anderson contacted me. He said “I can’t offer you coral reefs but I’ve got tropical fruit!”

We prayed earnestly about it and in the end the questions we had couldn’t be answered unless we came. People were saying that we were brave but I think, isn’t ministry really the same in the end, in a lot of places? It’s going to have its difficulties; it’s going to have its joys. My role is going to be the same as it was going to be anywhere: to preach God’s word, to lead His people, to make connections in the community and figure out how to reach them with the gospel.


Watch the video to hear Kristan and Kathryn's prayer points.