Joining Christ's seek and save mission with BCA

John Warner

It was in my first year working as a doctor and coming face to face with the reality of death and questions around life’s purpose and meaning, that a colleague challenged me to explore the truth and significance of Jesus and invited me to her church, Holy Trinity Adelaide. Then began a journey exploring the truth and significance of Jesus and looking at the evidence and historical reliability of the Bible. This involved meeting up with several blokes who cared enough to read through the historical gospel biographies of Jesus and answer my questions, sitting under Christ-centred expository preaching each week, along with my own reading.

Four months later, I was convicted of being one of the many lost sinners for whom God sent His son to seek and save by dying on the cross. It was August 1992 that I turned and received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour for the forgiveness of my sin and the sure promise of eternal life (Luke 19:10).

I love talking to anyone and everyone about Jesus and every person’s ‘right’ to turn to Him for forgiveness of their sin and become a child of God (John 1:12–13). Convinced that any person can meet Jesus for themselves in the Bible, I love training and helping Christians talk easily and naturally about Jesus to others.

After studying theology for four years, I have lead youth and young adult ministries, worked as an evangelist and in 2006 planted Trinity Church Brighton. Since leaving Brighton in 2017, I have worked with Geneva Push Church Planting Network helping young men, couples and churches start new churches in Australia. I am passionate about seeing new churches evangelised into existence to give all people the opportunity to explore the truth and significance of Jesus for themselves. Part of this role has involved several trips to the Northern Territory to work with some NT Diocesan churches.

Over the past three years I have become increasingly involved in the life of the Anglican Diocese of the Murray. This has involved preaching evangelistically and training faithful Christians and clergy in how to share Jesus. I was made Canon Missioner of Evangelism and New Churches in the Diocese in December 2017.

Geetha and I are humbled and thankful for the opportunity to serve our Lord Jesus Christ and His mission to see the message of the gospel extend to more people in regional, rural and remote parts of South Australia and the Northern Territory with BCA. We’re very much looking forward to being part of Christ’s seek and find mission with BCA and getting to know some of the big-hearted faithful servants of the gospel.


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