Introducing Peter Volkofsky, our Distance Scripture Education teacher

by Cheryl Hallinan – BCA Field Staff, Bush Scripture Adviser, and Peter Volkofsky – BCA Field Staff, Distance Scritpure Education teacher

Introducing Peter and Penelope Volkofsky


Christian Special Religious Education currently covers more than 70 per cent of high and central schools in New South Wales. However students in many isolated rural schools have been missing out on the opportunity due to the lack of confident volunteer secondary SRE teachers, the scarcity of applicants for isolated paid positions and financial challenges.

These challenges have required creative thinking to achieve equity in ensuring that Christian SRE is available in every high school in rural New South Wales. We have now introduced a new position – Distance Scripture Education teacher and are delighted to welcome on board Peter Volkofsky.

With the help of Christian volunteers, Peter will teach isolated students through a combination of video-based lessons, worksheets and video-conferencing lessons using the NSW Department of Education intranet. These lessons will draw on the lived experience of rural and Aboriginal Christians. Peter will also travel to meet his students each term and teach a lesson in class. His position is jointly supported by Generate Ministries.


About Peter

I grew up on an outback station with five brothers. Both my parents loved God but my mother in particular, who was dying of Motor Neurone Disease, demonstrated an infectious love for Jesus.

My faith was tested at school and university, and for while I tried to tell God to go away, which didn’t work. Instead I got involved in Bible study and evangelism on campus. I learned to treasure the Bible during this time and developed a passion for sharing the gospel and making disciples.

I enrolled in training with Cornerstone Community in 1984 and combined my Cornerstone responsibilities with my work as a Vet for thirty years.

Cornerstone Community is a network of intentional communities in towns and suburbs across south-eastern Australia. Communities are formed by people responding to Jesus’ call to ‘follow me’, and exploring authentic spirituality in life.

On the family front, Penny and I have had seven children, six of whom are now at large in the world. We have three grandchildren and our daughter Nadya (year ten) lives with us.

My wife and I recently bought a house in west Dubbo in order to be part of a missional network. Two other families, whom we had worked with for many years, also bought houses in the area and we gave ourselves to praying and looking to God. I applied for a job as an SRE teacher and began to sense that this could be something that God might be calling me into.

In this role I am looking to waken curiosity and whet the appetites of the students for goodness and for Jesus, and to build good communication with individuals and groups, including the education department, my churches and supervisors. I would value your prayers as I embark on my work and build respect and trust with all stakeholders and teams of SRE support people.