In God’s economy a little can go a long way

By Mark Short – National Director Bush Church Aid

In God’s economy a little can go a long way. Think of the tiny mustard seed which became a shrub for the birds, or the widow’s mite which gave Jesus a powerful teaching moment.

This gospel principle has always been at the heart of BCA’s work. Thousands of supporters collect their loose change in our BCA money boxes – a coin here, a note there. But what a difference it makes! Each year we collect over $400,000 through our money boxes. This goes a long way to support ministries which God uses to change lives and transform communities.

As technology changes we want to give Christians an additional way to invest in God’s kingdom through regular, sustained giving. On page 5 of The Real Australian you can read about our new Distance Giving Program and how you can join. We hope many of you will be blessed by this opportunity to journey with our Field Staff as they bring the good news of Jesus across the length and breadth of Australia. Of course, our BCA money boxes will continue to play a vital role in supporting God’s work.

We see this mustard seed principle in other ways as well. It could be a simple email which God uses to bring encouragement to tired Field Staff; a simple act of service which God uses to bless those attending a Christian convention or a simple prayer which God uses to bring new life and hope. Each may appear insignificant on their own. In God’s hands, they are woven into a plan which stretches from eternity to eternity.

Thank you for investing the time to read, in the pages that follow, what God is doing down under. May it bear much fruit in your life, for God’s glory.