Help us to go the distance in the Top End

Greg Harris - National Director

We need your help to strengthen and encourage the communities in Australia’s Top End.

The 2016 Census revealed that of the nearly 230,000 people living in the Northern Territory, the most common response for religion was ‘no religion’.

Christians have been faithfully witnessing to God’s love in the NT, but they need encouragement and equipping, so that all people, no matter what their background, can come into a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

That is where BCA comes in, in conjunction with the Anglican Diocese of the Northern Territory, we are funding two brand new positions in the Top End.

“We have been praying that God would raise up more workers to join God’s harvest work in the Northern Territory,” says The Rt Revd Dr Greg Anderson, Bishop of the Northern Territory. “So, it is very exciting that God has provided Naomi Ireland, Topher & Chica Hallyburton. Naomi will work to strengthen and resource ministries to children across the Diocese, including in our remote Aboriginal parishes. In Alice Springs, it is many years since there has been an assistant minister, and to have the Hallyburton family move there is a new step that we hope will encourage many more families and individuals to join the congregations there. We are so grateful for BCA’s financial and pastoral provision for these workers.”

We want to fully embrace this new opportunity in the Top End so that we can reach the many people there who don’t know our Lord Jesus Christ, so we need your help to reach a $220,000 goal by the end of June.

Thank you for your prayers and if you are able, your donation, to help engage these new opportunities, as well as continuing to support our ministries in remote and regional communities across the country.

I am so grateful for your generosity.