Gulargambone school farewells a faithful servant

Janine van den Tillaart

After 11 years serving as a chaplain at Gulargambone Central School, Alfrene Wright concluded her time there late last year.

Wright familyWhen Alfrene commenced as Chaplain in Term 4 2010, she was already immersed in the school community as a family worker and teacher’s aide. She brought to the role her skills as a youth worker and those acquired from helping children with behavioural problems.

Alfrene was supported by BCA but funded through the National Schools Chaplaincy Program. Her role was to support wellbeing through the pastoral care of students but extended to work with teachers and administrative staff.

When former BCA NSW/ACT Regional Officer Peter Adkins met with the Gulargambone School Principal he affirmed the crucial role that Alfrene played. In a community which struggled with drugs, violence and young people wandering the streets at night because it was unsafe to be at home, Alfrene provided invaluable support, offering students her love, assistance, and care.

“Alfrene has faithfully served in her school chaplaincy role during her time with BCA,” says Indigenous Ministry Officer, Neville Naden. “While it is difficult to come across good reliable Christian leaders, we thank God for raising her up to serve in this space. The Wright family will be sorely missed by BCA.”

Alfrene & Andrew are so grateful for their many years spent with BCA serving God in Central West New South Wales. “I would love to take this opportunity to say thank you BCA for allowing me to work for you over the years,” says Alfrene. “I loved working in Gulargambone; it’s a strong Aboriginal community. The school was fantastic to work in and it was an honour and privilege to work for such beautiful organisations. My heart will always be for Gulargambone. My time working there was a divine appointment from God, and He always looked after me in my walk with Him and supplied my every need.”

“All of the BCA family have been a blessing to me over the years; thanks for your prayers which helped me in hard times and good times. Once again thank you BCA family. It was a pleasure, honour and privilege. May God richly bless you and keep you all safe.”


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