From homeless to a home in heaven

By Philip Knight - Field Staff Port Hedland   

Chris & Philip
Chris with Philip Knight


Chris was living in his car when he turned up at St Matthew’s Church in Port Hedland last year. I think he was a bit embarrassed by his situation.

But he accepted our invitation to use church kitchen and bathroom facilities while he looked for work to get back on his feet.

Since then Chris has met Jesus and his life has been transformed. He says: "I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for the people at St Matthew’s giving me a helping hand.

“Without Jesus keeping me and protecting me I would be lost. He is my Saviour and Lord and I know that when I die I will go to be with Him because He died on the cross for my sins."

Chris has experienced the love of Jesus through practical love and care from many church members. He has learned about the gospel as we have studied the word together each week and he has experienced God’s great power and comfort through prayer.

Eventually Chris obtained some casual work and was able to rent a flat with help from church members. Life was looking up, when suddenly he had a massive heart attack and was airlifted to Perth for open heart surgery.

Yet, during this time he was not alone. Chris talked a lot to God in hospital, thanking God for keeping him alive. He came home to a fridge and pantry full of food from Christian friends. We visited him daily, took him shopping and to medical appointments.

Chris is a wonderful encouragement for our congregation. He is always thankful. He is generous with his time and is always up to helping anyone who needs it. Each week Chris joins us for dinner followed by Bible study in our home. He has become part of our family, both spiritually and physically. I feel privileged that he is part of St Matthew’s and I praise God that he is our brother in Christ.