Exciting times in the NT

Greg Harris - National Director

I’m pleased to share some exciting news for the Diocese of the Northern Territory that was announced in the Top End over the weekend.


Topher & Chica Hallyburton, who have served with BCA and Scripture Union since 2017 will commence a new role supported by BCA in mid-2021.

Topher, Chica, Daniel & Laura will move to Alice Springs where Topher will work alongside Kristan Slack as a trainee minister.

“We are very glad that we can continue to be a part of the work that God is doing in the Northern Territory,” says Topher. “We look forward to learning and developing in ministry, as we serve with the Alice Springs church.  We pray that God will guide us and use us to bring new people into His family. 

“We have thoroughly enjoyed, valued and are very thankful for the support the BCA family has given us through its regional officers, national office and the prayer supporters around the country. We are especially thankful for our supporting churches in Victoria and their prayers over the years. We are delighted to continue to be part of this nation-wide family that is committed to taking the gospel to less resourced areas around the country.” 

I am excited for Topher & Chica as they take this next step in their ministry calling in the BCA family.

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I’d like to welcome Naomi Ireland to the BCA family. In 2021 she will take up the role of the Diocese of Northern Territory’s Children's Ministry Officer.


Naomi is currently the Families and Children's Minister at St Matthew’s, Manly where she leads a team consisting of three staff members, 16 volunteer coordinators and approximately 150 volunteers.

Naomi has had a desire to serve on the mission field since she was in Year 8 at high school. She initially thought that this would come in the form of an overseas posting but she has since be drawn to mission within Australia. “I had the privilege of getting to know Neville & Kathie Naden through the mission partnership between St Matt’s and the Living Desert Indigenous Church in Broken Hill,” says Naomi. “This partnership and multiple mission trips also fanned the flame of my love and respect of Indigenous Australians.

“I'm excited about BCA's vision to share Jesus with people (particularly the little people) in remote and rural Australia,” says Naomi. “I'm looking forward to using my 15 years of experience in children's ministry to partner with and resource churches in the Territory as they continue to grow little disciples of Jesus. I'm also looking forward to growing my own understanding of Indigenous culture to a much deeper level.”