Engaging with Indigenous culture through play

Laura Hurley, Field Staff Bluff Point

Geraldton’s youngest children can now enjoy engaging with Indigenous culture through play with the addition of four Indigenous dolls that have been added to the toy collection at St George’s Anglican Church in Bluff Point. The dolls were purchased in celebration of NAIDOC week, thanks to funding made available to BCA Field Staff to provide opportunities to engage with Indigenous culture and community.

Brendan Hurley holds an Indigenous Miniland Doll in one arm and daughter Grace in the other. Standing to his left on a tyre are some other children from St Gerogre's Bluff Point.Brendan and I were so excited about the opportunity to refresh the toy collection at St George’s to be more reflective of Geraldton’s cultural diversity, and the dolls have already proven to be a valuable resource.

It’s been a delight to see boys and girls in our church community using these Indigenous Miniland Dolls as a starting point to explore and role-play important biblical concepts such as God’s love for all nations and demonstrating a Christ-like care to others regardless of whether they share our own cultural heritage.

The dolls will continue to be used at St George’s, both in a free-play context and as visual aids to assist in some exciting future projects. These include an annual NAIDOC week Kids’ Church lesson where children will learn songs and Bible verses in the Yamatji language and participate in Aboriginal art and craft projects. This will reinforce the biblical truths they have been focusing on throughout the year.

In celebration of NAIDOC Week, a specially themed Sunday School lesson has been planned which will feature a guest presentation from an Indigenous woman in the St George’s congregation who will share her testimony with the children.

“I was delighted to see such good use of the resources which were provided to Bluff Point in the purchase of these Indigenous Dolls,” says National Director Greg Harris. "I look forward to seeing the creative ways that more Field Staff may use this offer to commemorate and celebrate either Reconciliation Week or NAIDOC Week this year."

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