Editorial – Winter 2015

By Mark Short - National Director

Some changes can only be embraced when you know the God who doesn’t change.

In February I joined Rod and Christene Oldfield for their commissioning service in Cloncurry, Western Queensland.

The mercury was over 100 degrees in the old scale and the humidity wasn’t that short of three figures either.

It was a far cry from the temperate breezes of the Oldfields’ previous home on King Island in Bass Strait.

The Oldfields have also served with BCA on Norfolk Island and Coober Pedy. Imagine all the changes they’ve experienced in those moves – everything from the weather and the size and type of community through to whether they live above or below ground! 

What hasn’t changed in any of those locations is the Oldfields’ commitment to serving Christ and making Him known. Even more importantly, God’s commitment to them hasn’t wavered or faltered. So it was most appropriate that at their commissioning we read these precious words from Jesus that conclude Matthew’s gospel – “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."

In this edition of The Real Australian you’ll read a number of stories that highlight God’s faithfulness in seasons of change and challenge. Life rarely stands still for any of our Field Staff. There are always new relationships to be established and new opportunities to share Christ’s love and truth. As an organisation we are always looking for new ways to communicate and express the mission that God has placed on our heart. In just four years, should the Lord delay, we will celebrate a century of reaching Australia for Christ.  Thank God, we have an eternity to celebrate His faithfulness to us!