Editorial – Autumn 2015

By Mark Short National Director

When it comes to leadership, where you put the emphasis makes all the difference.

However, when we read what Jesus actually teaches He sounds far more radical. This is what He says to His bickering followers in Mark’s gospel: “Whoever wants to be great among you must be your servant and whoever wants to be first must be slave of all.” (Mark 10:44-45, NIV). Even in business circles, there is a great deal of talk today about the value of ‘servant leadership’, of taking into account the needs of others as we seek to move them forward. It’s hard not to hear echoes of the teaching of Jesus in such language.

Jesus is not into ‘servant leadership’, as if service is a flavour we sprinkle onto a dish we’ve already prepared. According to Jesus, service is leadership - service expressed in a tough-minded and tenderhearted determination to do whatever is in the best interests of the other. That is, of course, what Jesus expressed when He went to the cross for us.

This edition of the Real Australian highlights how through the mission of BCA, God is raising up men and women to serve others by going wherever they are needed, to do whatever it takes to reach our nation for Christ. It is because they are servants that they are leaders also. It is because God is at work in and through them that we are confident that they, and the fruit of their ministry, will endure.

Thank you for serving God’s mission with your giving, prayers and words of encouragement. That makes you a leader as well!