Continuing Evangelism in Central West NSW

James & Brittany Daymond   

James & Brittany with Jono Williams
James & Brittany Daymond with Jonathan Williams, Minister of St John's Anglican Church Mudgee


After nearly three years of evangelism at Narromine in Central West NSW we have moved to Mudgee to continue reaching out to people with the gospel.

We are very grateful to God for our time in Narromine and for the support of BCA to enable that ministry to take place. We were able to visit the vast majority of farms, town houses and businesses in and around the three towns in the Narromine district. Throughout this time many people were given the opportunity to hear about Jesus and encouraged to follow Him.

What was so striking in Narromine was how prepared people were to talk about Jesus and to think more about Him by reading or watching a gospel resource we gave them.
It was also a great joy to closely work with Phil Howes, the minister of Narromine Anglican Church, and to assemble and equip a team of people to do evangelism.

We had many adventures together and visited people that otherwise might not have heard the gospel. On many occasions we returned with great joy after having engaged with people about Jesus – it was a magnificent experience for people learning to do evangelism.

By the grace of God the Evangelism Team in Narromine continues to reach out to people and follow-up them up so that God’s kingdom may grow. Please continue to pray for their work of seeking to save the lost.

In keeping with our desire to reach out to people in Central West NSW, we have now shifted this evangelistic ministry to Mudgee, about two hours drive east of Narromine. It has hills whereas Narromine is flat. It has vineyards whereas Narromine has cotton. It has the poetry of Henry Lawson, whereas Narromine has Banjo Patterson. But one thing they have in common is people in need of hearing the gospel.

We began our Mudgee ministry in early February. James was commissioned as an evangelist by Bishop Mark Calder on 11 February where he preached on 2 Corinthians 4:1–5, 16–18 and reminded the congregation that we have the best news to share. It was very encouraging to have many BCA supporters attend the service.

We are presently in the preparation period for ministry observing how God is already at work in this district. We have begun to pray for outreach, read the Bible with people, and are seeking to assemble a team to do evangelism. COVID-19 has shifted much of this ministry to an online platform of engagement with members of the church.

We would be so grateful if you could pray that God would assemble people to help with evangelism and open people’s hearts to the gospel.

Thank you so much for your continued interest and support.