Christmas across Australia

By Mark Short – BCA National Director

As we read this article many of us will be looking forward to Christmas gatherings and celebrations. Gifts will be purchased, cards will be sent, services will be planned and talks will be written.

Growing up in Australia I was always struck by the contrast between December down under and some of the trappings associated with a northern hemisphere Christmas. It was hard to imagine dashing through the snow in a sleigh as we piled into the family car and stopped and started up the Pacific Highway on our way to the beach.

Christmas is, however, about contrasts. It is about the light shining in the darkness, about hope born amidst despair, about a little baby who came as Lord of all.

What is Christmas like for our Field Staff? For some it is a time of transition. As you will read in the pages that follow some ministries are drawing to a close and others are beginning.

For many of our Field Staff Christmas is a time of challenge. The weather heats up and they remain on site while much of their congregation and community head elsewhere to celebrate with extended family. For all our Field Staff Christmas is a time of opportunity. They have the privilege of proclaiming Christ at Carols nights and in church gatherings. They are called to show Christ’s hospitality as homes are opened and life is shared.

Will you please pray for our Field Staff this Christmas? Christmas is of course also a time when many families feel the pressure – to make ends meet and, to mend damaged relationships. A big thank you to the many BCA supporters who’ve already given to our End of Year Appeal to reach and support families in Christ’s Name. God willing, in the new year we’ll have plenty of stories to share of what our Lord has done through your generosity!