By God’s grace a little grit can go a long way

By Mark Short – BCA National Director

On 12 July each year the Anglican Church remembers and gives thanks for the life and ministry of Sydney Kirkby, BCA’s first Organising Missioner. One of Kirkby’s slogans was “Grit, grace and gumption.” These were the qualities he was seeking in men and women who would be sent to the bush with the good news of Jesus.

Gumption refers to initiative and resourcefulness, the classic pioneer spirit which does a lot with a little. Grace is the underserved goodness of God that brings us into new life through Jesus Christ and empowers us for mission.

But what of grit? Who wants more of the dirt and dust that irritates our eyes and tickles our noses? As a rail fan I know the real value of grit. Steam trains that are losing traction on an uphill stretch will put down grit on the rails to improve their traction and allow them to keep going. It’s a reminder that it’s not always the smooth and easy road that gets us safely to our destination.

BCA has always valued gritty ministry. Our people are more likely to walk the winding track than the wide open motorway. They serve in places where the going is not always easy or straightforward. They do so knowing that the obstacles and bumps in the road are sometimes the very means that God uses to keep them persevering, one dusty footprint at a time.

In this edition of The Real Australian you’ll read stories of gritty ministry. I pray you’ll be encouraged by the grace of God that enables us to go the distance with Him.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who’s already given to our Mid-Year Appeal to support the work of men and women who are making Jesus known in communities all across Australia (you’ll can give to the appeal here). That is grit and grace!