An exciting time of growth

Trent McGrath

Trent & Alice McGrath, together with their children Henry, Siena and Maisie have been serving the people of Jindabyne for more than a year and a half. It has been an exciting time of growth since they planted a new church in the alpine village.

We love living in the snowy mountains; there is so much that’s good about living in a beautiful rural area. The simplicity of knowing that ‘this is all we have’ helps us appreciate everything that God has placed around us more, including feeling more connected to the community. We love skiing and the snow season but also appreciate everything the region has to offer all year round.

My primary role as a pastor/teacher has been to establish new Anglican gatherings and serve the people wanting to connect into them. By God’s grace, we established The Village Church (TVC) in October last year and have been joyfully growing together in faith, love, and service.

Currently we have one gathering at 5pm each Sunday and a variety of different prayer meetings and informal dinners throughout the week. Our Sunday gatherings try to embody a grace-filled, family-friendly vibe, which is overtly gospel-centred. We’ve recently had to shift into a mix of live-in-person and connections through Zoom, and we’re seeing between 30–50 people on any given week, which includes a great bunch of children and youth.

Easter this year was special, I mean it always is, but for us it was TVC’s first Easter together and it was full – full of joy, full of people, full of thankfulness for thedeath of Christ for sin on our behalf! We had an incredible meal together on Good Friday and then gathered with the broader community at what’s called the ‘Claypits’, down by the lake on a glorious Sunday morning. I had the privilege of preaching the credibility of the resurrection of Jesus to some 230 people. I guess it put us on the map as a new church.

We are so thankful for all the prayers we are receiving and ask that you would continue to pray for our church to keep fixing our eyes on Jesus, love one another, and grow in missional intentionality.


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