An amazing answer to your prayers   

In our 2019 Christmas Appeal, we brought you the story of Jim & Judy Baskerville from Jandowae in Queensland, faithful Christians who were soldiering on through the devastating drought. The Baskerville’s faith was unshakeable, even through the hard times of selling stock and strip-feeding crops. “We need to remember that God is in control of all things including the weather. We need to accepte that you can be prepared for lean times with God’s help and be thankful for good times.”

Since the middle of January, the Baskervilles have received nearly seven inches of rain. They have been able to plant cow feed and crops for seed. 

“It is such a sight to behold the water filling our house dam,” says Judy. “We feel blessed that all our rain has been steady and our paddocks are not awash and damaged. We thank the Lord for His timing in how the rain has fallen these past weeks allowing us to farm on as needed. We want to share our joy with you and thank you for months & months of prayers for rain. To God be the Glory.    

UPDATE 13.02.20

Further to our above story about God’s gracious answer to prayer for the Baskervilles in Jandowae, we have heard from Judy that the rain which was a gentle blessing has now turned to flood. At this stage, the Baskervilles cannot leave their homestead and are concerned that they have lost the crops they had planted. They will not know for sure until the floodwater subsides. “We need to walk by faith in greater measure. If we get a reprieve, the sun shines and the water abates maybe, if the crops are still there, they will come to good.” Please continue to pray for our farmers across the country who are in the midst of drought or flood. “We know God is at work,” says Judy. “We will count our blessings.”