A very different Easter?

Kristan Slack   

Our PM and Chief Medical Officer said it will be a very different Easter.

But the scene I'm describing hails from two millennia ago. An upper room in Jerusalem. Jesus has been dead two nights so far and shows no sign of changing. His friends are now scared of dying too.

Then with their own eyes they met the man who they'd seen executed on Friday. He's alive. He eats food with them. There's no social distancing any more. Jesus has beaten death.

One day most of us will emerge from this enforced hibernation. Our actions right now are protecting our neighbours, especially the vulnerable. Reducing the risk of immediate death.

But our lives have always suffered from mortality. From birth death is certainty. You're all staying home this weekend to postpone the inevitable. But we'll all breath our last in time.

So yes, this Easter will be very different, but not so different from the first Easter. But do you have eyes to see what's changed? I'm hoping for a vaccine for this coronavirus, but I've already got an antidote for death.

2000 years ago a man walked out of his tomb and life after death became a possibility.

You could even say a certainty, if you throw your lot in with Jesus.


Originally published in The Katherine Times 
reproduced with permission.